Sarah Hyland remembers 16 years ago, when she first met Corbin Bleu on the set of “HSM 3.”


Sarah Hyland remembers 16 years ago, when she first met Corbin Bleu on the set of “HSM 3.”

Recently, Sarah Hyland and Corbin Bleu assumed prominent parts in the production of “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Corbin Bleu and Sarah Hyland have been friends since their high school musical days.

Sarah Hyland

Speaking to People Magazine on Monday, June 10, at the 2024 Drama Desk Awards, Blue and Hyland—both proud theater kids—recalled their first encounter from their high school spring breaks.

The former member of Modern Family revealed that she spent more than 16 years visiting a buddy who was a member of the HSM cast while they were filming the third edition of the film.

“My theater kid [thing] is just hanging out and singing songs with other theater kids in Salt Lake City.” Hyland said, “We would just sing songs for each other.

“A tonne of teenagers were staying in the same hotel and running around the hallways,” Bleu, who portrayed Chad Danforth in the popular Disney Channel Original Picture from 2006 to 2008, continued.

Hyland guaranteed that they “profusely apologised to the people who were staying there on their own time that were not a part of HSM 3,” seemingly experiencing a flashback to the pandemonium that would subsequently follow.

These days, the two are playing major parts in the revival of Little Shop of Horrors off Broadway. But Hyland didn’t appear until after Bleu left the part of Seymour Krelborn on May 26 in which he played Audrey, Krelborn’s romantic interest.

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