Irish Prime Minister condemns house bomb hoax

– Dublin Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris described as “utterly unacceptable” the false bomb threat made against his residence on Wednesday night, adding that politicians and their families cannot be intimidated any more.

There have been more incidents of people congregating outside the residences of Irish ministers, occasionally with anti-immigrant banners and masks. Following their gathering outside Harris’ residence last week, three men were taken into custody on charges of allegedly harassing an elected official.

Irish Prime Minister condemns house bomb hoax

As the government struggles to accommodate record numbers of refugees and occasionally violent protests have taken place outside accomodation centers where migrants are housed, migration has become a contentious topic in Ireland.

At a gathering of leaders of the European Union in Brussels on Thursday, Harris told reporters, “This is an absolutely unacceptable situation.”

“I don’t even think it’s appropriate to call something a hoax, as I’m convinced these things are done to frighten and disturb people. My kids are small. “I am married,” he declared.

“I do believe that everyone in our discourse—including the media—needs to consider their comments on these issues. It wouldn’t be considered a protest if men in masks were outside your home. This cannot be tolerated, and it is not a protest when it occurs outside my home either.”

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