US military anchors assistance pier to Gaza, will begin relief work soon


US military anchors assistance pier to Gaza:

Following seven months of severe combat in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the US military finished creating a floating dock for the Gaza Strip on Thursday, allowing authorities to begin bringing much-needed humanitarian supplies into the besieged enclave.

US military

After more than two months, US President Joe Biden authorized the final, nighttime construction to assist Palestinians facing famine as food and other supplies fail to arrive. Israel recently seized the main Rafah border crossing in its drive on that southern city on the Egyptian border. This complex delivery method is currently in place.

The sea approach, which is fraught with logistical, meteorological, and security issues, is intended to increase the amount of aid that reaches the Gaza Strip; however, it is not considered a replacement for significantly less expensive land-based deliveries, which relief organizations claim are far more sustainable. Humanitarian organizations will distribute the boatloads of supplies after they are dropped at an Israeli-built port facility southwest of Gaza City.

According to U.N. officials, severe fighting between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants on the fringes of Rafah has displaced around 600,000 people, or 25% of Gaza’s total population. Since the Israeli military launched combat operations in northern Gaza, an additional 100,000 Palestinians have deserted the area.

According to Pentagon officials, the new coastal assistance delivery location is not in danger; nonetheless, security conditions will be closely monitored, and the marine route may be temporarily closed. Hamas has pledged to target any foreign forces that “occupy” the Gaza Strip, and mortar fire has already been directed at the site during construction.

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