Slovakia’s Prime Minister is still in severe condition following an assassination attempt


Slovakia’s Prime Minister is still in severe condition :

While police investigated the suspect’s home on Friday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s deputy and close ally described his condition as “still very serious” two days after the attempted assassination.

Fico, 59, was addressing to the public after a rally in Handlova, central Slovakia, when he was shot on Wednesday. Fico was brought to a hospital.

“He was operated on again, and it took nearly two hours,” deputy prime minister Robert Kalinak told reporters outside the hospital in Banska Bystrica.

Fico had earlier undergone a five-hour surgery shortly after being airlifted from the attack scene on Wednesday.

Slovakia's Prime Minister

His condition is still critical. “I believe it will take few days to see the course of his state’s development,” Kalinak said on Friday. Fico was in “serious” condition, but the director of the Banska Bystrica hospital stated he was still “conscious”. Local media reported earlier on Friday that the man accused of the shooting had his home investigated by Slovak police. Markiza TV footage showed officers bringing the alleged gunman, who was wearing bulletproof vest and helmet, to the residence he shared with his wife in the western town of Levice.

“Police remained inside the apartment for several hours…” “They took the computer and documents out of the apartment,” the private broadcaster stated. Although the authorities have not published the suspect’s identify, the media has identified him as writer Juraj Cintula, age 71. He was accused with attempted murder with premeditation on Thursday, in what investigators described as politically motivated attack. “This is lone wolf whose actions were accelerated following the presidential election because he was dissatisfied with the results,” Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok stated. The tragedy has created fear and unrest in the politically divided country in the weeks preceding the European Parliament elections.

Authorities linked the incident to the country’s political climate, which has been marred by misinformation and social media attacks during recent election campaigns.

Peter Pellegrini, Slovakia’s freshly elected president, urged political parties on Wednesday to suspend or reduce their campaigning ahead of the EU referendum. Pellegrini won the election in April.

The major opposition party, as well as the moderate Progressive Slovakia and others, made this declaration.

Fico, a seasoned politician and four-time premier, returned to office in October.

Since then, he has stated various things that have strained Slovakia’s relationship with its neighbor, Ukraine, by casting doubt on the country’s sovereignty.

After his election, Slovakia stopped selling armaments to Ukraine, which Russia invaded in 2022.

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