UAE reduces the 30-day work visa and residency visa process to five days.


UAE reduces the 30-day work and residency visa process to five days.

Employers can benefit from faster application processes thanks to UAE’s “Work Bundle” platform.

According to Khaleej Times, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) of the United Arab Emirates has made a big announcement, cutting the processing time for work permits and resident visas from thirty days to five days.

UAE reduces the 30-day work visa

The number of required documents has also been shortened from sixteen to five.

The UAE government has made hiring new staff members easier for private firms and business owners by launching the “Work Bundle” platform.

Furthermore, the platform would streamline the process of renewing a work visa for current employees.

Employers can use Work Bundle, a unified platform created to expedite application processes, as part of the Zero Government Bureaucracy Program.

The technology is predicted to reduce 25 million office visits and save over 62 million working hours at government offices.

Three phases make up the Work Bundle, which was introduced in March.

The platform was initially made accessible to businesses with headquarters in Dubai throughout all seven emirates.

Over seven million workers and approximately 600,000 firms will be included by the Work Bundle in its second phase.

The MOHRE states that domestic workers will be covered in the third phase.

Work Bundle can currently only be accessed through its website,, but a mobile app will be released shortly.

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