Switzerland’s parliament rejects $5.8 billion aid package intended for Ukraine.


Switzerland’s parliament rejects $5.8 billion aid package intended for Ukraine.


An aid package worth $5.88 billion for Ukraine was rejected by the Switzerland’s parliament.

This development coincides with Switzerland preparing to hold a peace conference in June over the turmoil in Ukraine. Russia and its main ally China will not be present at the summit, despite participation from Ukraine and a large portion of Europe.

Switzerland's parliament rejects $5.8 billion aid package intended for Ukraine.
Switzerland’s parliament rejects $5.8 billion aid package for Ukraine

Switzerland has a long history of remaining neutral. Despite having a dark past from World War II, when it made millions selling weapons to Nazi Germany and turned away Jews who were fleeing the systematic murder committed by the Nazis, the nation has not engaged in combat for generations. Following such neutrality, the support provided to Ukraine.

The Swiss give was intended to aid with Ukraine’s rehabilitation.

The Swiss cargo was not intended to arm the Ukrainians, in contrast to other nations such as the US and the UK who have transferred weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

According to Reuters, the purpose of the Swiss aid package was to assist Ukraine in rebuilding and repairing its infrastructure after being hit by Russian strikes for more than two years of conflict.

Russia has been deliberately hitting civilian and non-combatant targets throughout the war. Railroads and power plants are examples of critical infrastructure that has been damaged. Wide areas of the nation’s neighborhoods have been devastated by artillery and aerial bombardment, and certain cities, like Mariupol, have completely changed from their pre-war appearances.

According to the agency, the package was written while Western allies were pressuring Switzerland to take further action to support Ukraine. Under such strain, the package was designed as a remarkable response to the Russian war on Ukraine, with the goal of promoting “peace in Europe” and national security.

By a vote of 28 to 15, members of the Swiss parliament’s upper house rejected the proposal. The organization stated that because right-wing MPs had opposed the scheme, its loss had been anticipated for weeks.

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