France, Eiffel Tower: 3 arrested after coffins found


French police apprehended three persons on Monday after finding five empty coffins near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday. The coffins were draped in French flags and had the words “French soldiers from Ukraine” written on them.

Public prosecutors have requested that the three individuals, who are under 30 years old and originate from Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine, be charged with intentional violence.

France: 3 arrested after coffins found at Eiffel Tower
The three people, who are under 30 years old and come from Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine, are to face charges of intentional violence, according to a request made by public prosecutors

The act of psychological assault, according to the prosecution, was the leaving of coffins at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Despite Russia’s criticism and concerns from certain allies, diplomatic sources who spoke with news agency Reuters last week said that France may soon send military trainers to Ukraine.

According to security documents released by the French daily Le Monde, the three men had been in contact with a man who was suspected of spray-painting red hands on the Paris Shoah Memorial, a Holocaust memorial, in mid-May.

In November, the French government opened an investigation to find out if the two Moldovans who admitted to painting the Stars of David on the walls of Parisian residences done it at the behest of an outsider.

The prosecutor’s office said that a foreigner had communicated with the two over the phone in Russian, in response to press reports that the Moldovans were being guided by someone in Russia.

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