Humanitarian aid not reaching people in Gaza: UN


Humanitarian aid not reaching people in Gaza: UN

Humanitarian aid that has been let into the Gaza Strip is not reaching those in need, according to the UN, which urged Israel to honor its legal obligations.

“A major problem is that the aid that is coming in is not reaching the people,” Jens Laerke, a spokesman for the UN agency OCHA, stated at a Geneva press conference.

Since the Israeli military closed the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza on May 7, the main point of entry for goods into the beleaguered Palestinian enclave is the Kerem Shalom border, where he highlighted the role performed by the Israeli government.

“We remain adamant that the legal duty of the Israeli authorities to enable the delivery of aid does not cease.”

Humanitarian aid not reaching people in Gaza
The majority of those killed in Gaza by Israel’s retaliatory offensive, at least 36,224, were civilians, according to the health ministry of the Hamas-run enclave.

“It doesn’t end when you drop it off a few meters over the border, drive away, and then expect humanitarians to drive through areas of active conflict, which is impossible for them to do,” he continued.

To pick it up and deliver it to people, we require unhindered, safe access to the drop-off location.

“We expect all parties to fulfill their legal responsibilities.”

The bloodiest-ever Gaza conflict began with Hamas’s October 7 strike on southern Israel, which claimed 1,189 lives, largely civilians, according to Israeli official figures.

Additionally, 252 prisoners were taken during the operations; 121 of them, including 37 that the army maintains are dead, are still in Gaza.

At least 36,224 people have died in Gaza as a result of Israel’s retaliatory offensive, the bulk of them civilians, according to the health ministry of the Hamas-run area.

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