Bomb threat emails to Delhi schools were sent from Hungary, police discovered.


Bomb threat emails to Delhi schools :

The bomb threat emails received by approximately 150 schools in Delhi-NCR earlier this month are thought to have been sent from Hungary’s capital, Budapest, Delhi Police officials said on Tuesday.

According to an official, the IP address of these emails has been traced to Budapest, and Delhi Police will shortly contact their counterparts in Hungary to conduct additional investigations.

Every internet-connected device is allocated a unique identifying number known as an IP (internet protocol) address.


Bomb threat emails
The mail purportedly sent from a server claimed that explosives were planted on the school premises, triggering massive evacuations and searches as panic-stricken parents rushed to pick up their children on May 1


The email, reportedly received from a server, stated that bombs had been hidden on the school grounds, resulting in major evacuations and searches as panicked parents raced to pick up their children on May 1.

After registering a FIR in the case, the police contacted the mailing service company’’ in Russia through Interpol.

The police were looking into the IP address used to send the e-mails, as well as the sender and origin of the correspondence, to figure out the conspiracy and motivation behind the bomb hoax that caused fear across Delhi-NCR on Wednesday.

The officials stated that an initial investigation has led to the suspicion of a “deeper conspiracy” hatched by a terror cell during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, and that the threat email could have been sent by an ISIS module.

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