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What’s the best phone for most people?

A new best phone seems to have an infinite number of alternatives to pick from, including the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5, Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, and Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup. Although the phones on this list differ in terms of functionality, pricing, and size, they all have a few characteristics. The fastest CPUs and brightest screens of 2024’s top phones ensure that Netflix content looks amazing. In addition, they have a minimum battery life of a whole day and can capture stunning images. It’s not necessary to spend $1,000 on a fantastic phone: Cheap phones, such as the Pixel 7A, also provide seamless performance at a more affordable cost.

Best iPhone for the majority of users

iPhone 15

For users of previous iPhone models, the iPhone 15 represents a considerable advance thanks to features like Dynamic Island, a USB-C port for easier charging, and an improved camera with a sharper zoom and greater quality. With its resemblance to the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple’s entry-level iPhone 15 feels like a more significant advancement than its predecessor.

The 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus are the two available sizes for the iPhone 15. They are powered by the same A16 Bionic chip as the iPhone 14 Pro, which should result in noticeable performance improvements for iPhone owners from a few years back. A new feature is made possible by the inclusion of Apple’s second-generation ultra-wideband processor in these phones.

The best advanced Android handset

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

With its iconic large display, quicker new engine, crisper 5x optical zoom, and 100x digital zoom, Samsung’s “Ultra” phone is still a top option for mobile photographers who desire lots of screen real estate. One of the first phones to come equipped with Samsung’s new Galaxy AI features, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can also translate text messages and phone calls in real time. Another feature is Circle to Search, a unique gesture that allows you to search Google for nearly anything by just drawing a circle around it. For those who enjoy taking notes or drawing, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, like the previous two generations, has an integrated S Pen. Possibly most importantly, Samsung has committed to updating these devices with new versions of Android for seven years, meaning it shouldn’t feel out of date anytime soon.

The greatest things Google can provide

Pixel 8 Pro from Google

Even while the Google Pixel 8 Pro first caused us some problems, mostly with its cameras, additional testing and software updates from Google allowed us to ultimately come to a very positive opinion of the device. It has a lot going for it, including a back camera configuration that produces some really lovely photos and an attractive appearance together with simple Android 14 software. Google has also incorporated a number of new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into the phone, such as a function that lets you generate wallpapers for your phone using generative AI and a one that lets you mix many faces from a set of quick shots of your friends to ensure that everyone looks their best.

The majority of people’s favorite Android phone

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24’s improved cameras, brighter screens, and new Galaxy AI functions aren’t what most wow me. It’s the life of the battery. After testing, I can confirm that the Galaxy S24’s larger battery easily lasts through a full day of use on a single charge.

Like its nearly similar S22 and S23 predecessors, the S24 is a fantastic phone that is superb right out of the box. It is superbly constructed phones. Because the design is a culmination of three years of refining, its resemblance to the S22 and S23 might be seen as a strength or a drawback. The camera hardware and other features are nearly the same as what was released in 2022. All of this is overshadowed by the great battery life. You’ll never hear anyone complain about getting too much battery life. Read our Samsung Galaxy S24 review.

Best foldable phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the biggest leap forward Samsug’s flip phone has seen in years. Samsung has significantly expanded the size of the cover screen located on the outside of the device, meaning you can look up directions, take photos and send messages without opening the phone. It’s this combined with the Z Flip’s solid battery life and sturdy design that makes it a top pick.

The Z Flip 5 may be our favorite flip phone, but there are still some drawbacks to be aware of. At $1,000, it’s still expensive for a phone without a telephoto camera, and not all apps work natively on the front screen as they do on the Motorola Razr Plus.

Motorola Razr Plus is the most portable flip phone.

The standard for what a flip phone should be in 2024 was raised by the Motorola Razr Plus. You can use practically any app on it without opening the phone thanks to its 3.6-inch cover screen, and its lengthy battery life will last you through a busy day. It may be the best option for people who value portability in a phone because it is slimmer than the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The Razr Plus is a phone to take into consideration if you want a slimmer design and want to use more apps on the phone’s front screen without much extra hassle, even if I think the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the greatest flip phone overall. Compared to the Z, the Razr Plus felt more brittle.

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