Gaza War: Spain will back South Africa’s UN court suit against Israel


Gaza War: Spain will back South Africa’s UN court suit against Israel

Spain declared on Thursday that it would back South Africa’s appeal to the UN’s top court, where Israel is charged with committing a “genocide” in the Gaza Strip.


At a press conference, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares stated, “Our sole goal is to put an end to the war and to advance on the road of applying the two-state solution.”


Gaza War: Spain will back South Africa's UN court suit against Israel

The International Court of Justice heard the case last year, with South Africa arguing that Israel’s Gaza offensive violated the 1948 UN Genocide Convention since it was carried out in retribution for an unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas.

His remarks were made one week after Israel became enraged when Spain, Ireland, and Norway recognized the state of Palestine.

Last year, South Africa filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice, claiming that Israel’s Gaza offensive was a response to an unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas, breached the 1948 UN Genocide Convention.

Israel has vehemently refuted the charge.

ICJ, headquartered in The Hague, was established following World War II to arbitrate conflicts between governments.

On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) directed Israel to guarantee “unimpeded access” for UN-appointed investigators to probe claims of genocide.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) mandated on January 26 that Israel take all necessary precautions to avoid genocide while conducting military operations in Gaza.

However, South Africa has since made numerous trips back to the ICJ, claiming that the grave humanitarian situation in the region forces the court to impose additional emergency measures.

The court gave Israel until May 24 to “immediately” stop its military assault in Rafah and maintain the main border crossing open for “unhindered” humanitarian deliveries.

Additionally, it demanded the “unconditional” return of captives that Hamas, a Palestinian organization, had abducted during their October 7 attack, which started the conflict.

Although ICJ decisions are legally enforceable, the court lacks practical tools to carry them out. For instance, it unsuccessfully ordered Russia to stop encroaching on Ukraine.

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