White House condemns Donald Trump’s ‘anti-semitic’ post.


The White House condemned a film on Tuesday that contained fake headlines about a “unified reich” if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. The footage was posted to the president’s social media account.

President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign accused Trump of repeating anti-Semitic attitudes, and the White House denounced any material supporting Nazi Germany as “sickening”.

The video was finally taken from Trump’s Truth Social account on Tuesday, the day after it was released.

White House

“So, what happens after Donald Trump wins? “What’s next for America?” a voiceover asks in the 30-second video, which shows a sequence of fictional news headlines depicting American prosperity.

Amidst headlines like “Economy booms!” and “Border is closed,” one mentions “the creation of a unified reich.”

“This was not a campaign video, it was created by a random account online and reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word,” she stated.

Trump did not answer to shouted questions regarding the footage during his historic criminal hush money trial in New York.

The post comes as Trump has frequently attempted to paint Biden as failing to combat anti-Semitism in the United States during a moment of growing tensions exacerbated by the Gaza war.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden is set to respond to the video later during a campaign event in New Hampshire.

“It is abhorrent, sickening, and disgraceful for anyone to promote content associated with Germany’s Nazi government under Adolf Hitler,” Jean-Pierre told reporters accompanying Biden on Air Force One.

“Any anti-Semitism, dog whistling, is dangerous and offensive and profoundly un-American,” Jean-Pierre stated.

Trump has repeatedly employed rhetoric with strong similarities of Nazi ideology, such as calling domestic opponents “vermin” and immigrants “poisoning the blood” of the United States.

While president, Trump hailed some neo-Nazi marchers during violent riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, who screamed “Jews will not replace us” as “very fine people,” and he has dined with white nationalists on his Florida home.

Trump has a “long history” of anti-Semitism, according to the Biden campaign.

“Donald Trump isn’t playing games. “He is telling America exactly what he intends to do if he regains power: rule as a dictator over a ‘unified reich’,” Biden-Harris spokesperson James Singer stated.

The video was “part of a pattern of his praise for dictators and echoing anti-Semitic tropes,” Singer noted.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign queried, “Why the hell was it posted in the first place?” asking “why did it take so long to take it down?”

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