Intel announces Lunar Lake CPUs for AI PCs at Computex 2024 and intends to speed up edge and localized AI

At Computex 2024 today, Intel presented a revolutionary range of technologies and architectures that are expected to have a significant influence on the AI ecosystem across a number of domains, including networks, the edge, data centers, and personal PCs. These developments should provide clients the means to fully utilize the potential of AI systems by bringing about improved computing power, cutting-edge power efficiency, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Intel has unveiled its latest line of CPUs, the Lunar Lake series, designed dedicatedly for AI PCs. With the launch of the Lunar Lake CPUs, an updated GPU in the Xe2 and the all new NPU 4, Intel plans to have a commanding hold over the AI PC market

“AI is propelling us into one of the most transformative periods of innovation in the industry’s history,” said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. Computing capacity is once again increasing at an exponential rate thanks to silicon power.

Additionally, Gelsinger emphasized the company’s all-encompassing approach to AI innovation, which includes PC, network, edge, and data center systems in addition to semiconductor production. Gelsinger highlighted at Computex how Intel’s newest platforms—such as Xeon, Gaudi, and Core Ultra—along with a strong ecosystem of hardware and software—offer adaptable, safe, affordable, and sustainable answers to changing customer needs.

Gelsinger also took a few potshots during the lecture. “Moore’s Law remains applicable, regardless of what my friend Jensen (CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang) says. Moore’s Law will exist as long as there are components.

To put things in perspective, Huang had made the well-known statement that Moore’s Law had expired and that it was thus impossible to obtain greater performance at a lower cost.

Gelsinger emphasized the significance of open standards and Intel’s ecosystem in expediting AI prospects, demonstrating the company’s dedication to democratizing AI. Leaders in the industry like Inventec, Microsoft, ASUS, Acer, and ASUS reiterated these ideas and stressed the importance of teamwork for the growth of AI.

Intel’s AI footprint expansion in edge and personal computing comprises 200 million CPUs being delivered to the ecosystem and over 90,000 edge deployments. With its emphasis on AI PCs, Intel is revolutionizing computing experiences, building real-time learning and adapting devices, and boosting efficiency, creativity, and productivity.
Given that by 2027, AI PCs are expected to account for 60% of all new PC sales, Intel has established itself as a leader in this sector. 500 AI models, 300 features, and more than 100 ISVs are supported by its Core Ultra platform.

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