Indian-American entrepreneur blasts Elon Musk for China investment


Indian-American author and entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa questioned billionaire Elon Musk’s decision to locate Tesla’s production operations in China rather than India in a social media post. Wadhwa chose China over India, claiming that “Elon is going to be the biggest loser” on X (formerly Twitter).

He cited a post by Theresa Fallon, Director of the Centre for Russia, Europe, and Asia Studies, who stated that US and European automakers are failing in China because they are primarily interested in short-term profits and transferring technology, managerial strategies, and know-how to China. Ms. Fallon added, “That era is over, but it was good while it lasted.”

Wadhwa answered by mentioning that he had emailed Tesla’s CEO about the dangers in China a few years ago. He encouraged the billionaire to consider moving Tesla production to India and threatened to “rob him blind” if he did not.

“Elon will be the biggest loser here. I exchanged emails with him a few years ago on the risks in China. I cautioned him that they would rob him blind and pushed him to consider shifting manufacturing to India, where he would already control the market,” Wadhwa wrote.

On Monday, Wadhwa shared the post. It has received countless comments and over 87,000 views since then.

Notably, Wadhwa’s comments come after Elon Musk said that he will be flying to China rather than India.

According to CNN, the entrepreneur spoke with Chinese Premier Li Qiang during his visit, who praised Tesla as a “successful model” for US-China cooperation. Musk was in China demanding Beijing’s permission to release Full Self-Driving software and transfer its data abroad.

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