Vladimir Putin arrives in Vietnam following his historic visit to North Korea.

Vladimir Putin arrives in Vietnam following his historic visit to North Korea.

Vietnam and Russia have close relations that date back to the 1950s, and Moscow was for many years Hanoi’s main source of armaments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Vietnam on Thursday in an effort to strengthen relations with the country of Southeast Asia, following his historic visit to North Korea the previous day.

Vladimir Putin arrives in Vietnam following his historic visit to North Korea.

According to AFP, Putin was greeted with a 21-gun salute at a military ceremony when he arrived in the communist nation.

When the Vietnamese President To Lam met Putin in Hanoi, the nation’s capital, he congratulated Putin on his reelection and highlighted Russia’s success in ensuring “domestic political stability”.

Lam said, “Once again, congratulations to our comrade for receiving overwhelming support during the recent presidential election, underscoring the confidence of the Russian people.”

In response, Putin stated that “one of Russia’s priorities was strengthening a comprehensive strategic partnership with Vietnam.”

Vietnam is Putin’s final destination on his two-nation tour to Asia.

The United States, Vietnam’s main export market and major ally, which strengthened diplomatic ties with Hanoi last year, has criticized the country for inviting Putin.

In a statement earlier this week, the US embassy stated that no nation should be providing Putin with a forum to advocate for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Putin met with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, in Pyongyang prior to Vietnam, where the two nations agreed to a mutual defense treaty.

During the event, Putin stated: “Today, we are fighting together against the hegemonism and neo-colonial practices of the United States and its satellites.”

In response to the conflict in Ukraine, which has led to many UN sanctions against Moscow, Kim referred to Putin as the “dearest friend of the Korean people” and promised him his “full support and solidarity”.

In light of his prohibited weapons programs, Putin congratulated his host, whose nation has been under to UN sanctions since 2006. Moscow expressed gratitude for the “consistent and unwavering” assistance.

Putin declared that the two nations would not yield to Western “blackmail” and demanded that the UN rethink its sanctions against North Korea.

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