“The majority of dead Hajj pilgrims from Jordan and Tunisia lacked permits.”

“The majority of dead Hajj pilgrims from Jordan and Tunisia lacked permits.”

According to authorities, these people stayed in Makkah until the Hajj season and made the pilgrimage without the required authorization.

According to representatives of a number of governments, the majority of the pilgrims who died while on the pilgrimage were people who arrived in Saudi Arabia months before the Hajj ceremonies began.

These people stayed in Makkah until the Hajj season arrived, when they undertook the journey without the required authorization and without any assistance from any organization or enterprise to cover the costs of lodging, food, or transportation.

Hajj pilgrims

The majority of the deceased Tunisian pilgrims entered the Kingdom on tourist, visitation, or Umrah visas, according to confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration, and Tunisians Abroad.

The Jordanian pilgrims who died or vanished were not a part of the official Jordanian Hajj delegation; rather, they had entered Saudi Arabia using tourist or visit visas and lacked Hajj permits, according to Dr. Sufyan Qudah, Director of Operations and Consular Affairs at the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

The Hajj season this year saw a notable rise in Makkah’s temperature, and a sizable influx of pilgrims from a variety of countries entered on tourist or visitation visas.

These pilgrims traveled great distances in the sweltering heat of the holy city without the assistance of any organization or enterprise offering lodging, food, or transportation.

As such, they ran the risk of heat exhaustion, exposure to the sun, and extended walking on uneven, rough routes that were not meant for walkers. Many unfortunate people died as a result of these circumstances; may they rest in peace.

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