Kate Hudson shares a favorite Taylor Swift song.

Kate Hudson shared which Taylor Swift album and song she loves the most.

During a recent open appearance, Kate Hudson revealed which Taylor Swift album and song she really loves.

Kate Hudson

The actress chose Out of the Woods as her favorite song from her debut album, Glorious.

As she wrapped up her performance, the 45-year-old said of the Down Bad singer, “I absolutely adore her and it’s hard to pick which Taylor Swift song, but I think I’m gonna go with one from 1989, which is one of my favorite albums of hers.” She was speaking exclusively on SiriusXM for their Guest DJ campaign.

She praised the Antihero hitmaker’s record, saying that her daughter is “obsessed” with the song “Welcome to New York” and that she loves the album overall.

The singer gushed over the new song Purple Irises by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, saying, “I love this song.” I cherish them.

“Gwen is among the most amazing individuals on the planet. I’ve simply adored her for eternity.”

The SiriusXM ad features a lineup of seventy performers, including Rob Lowe, Hudson, James Corden, Howard Stern, Kevin Hart, and Busy Philipps, for the uninitiated.

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