Hezbollah attacks Israel with rockets in retaliation,Shaken by the passing of a prominent commander.


Hezbollah attacks Israel with rockets in retaliation,Shaken by the passing of a prominent commander.

Hezbollah, a militant organization in Lebanon, launched a flurry of rockets toward Israel on Wednesday and threatened to further up its operations following the death of a top commander in south Lebanon by an Israeli strike the day before.

Since its Palestinian ally Hamas struck southern Israel on October 7, Hezbollah and Israeli soldiers have engaged in almost daily cross-border gunfire. This has led to a conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The drone attacks by Hezbollah on Israeli military installations and Israel’s retaliatory targeted strikes against the militants have intensified the hostilities in recent weeks.

Speaking at the funeral of commander Taleb Sami Abdallah, who was killed in Tuesday’s Israeli strike, senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine declared, “We will increase the intensity, strength, quantity and quality of our attacks.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated in Doha on Wednesday that a long-awaited ceasefire agreement in Gaza would “take a tremendous amount of pressure out of the system” and reiterated calls for a diplomatic settlement on the Israel-Lebanon border.

According to Hezbollah, six strikes against military locations and facilities in northern Israel were carried out with Katyusha rockets or heavy-duty Burkan missiles in “response to the assassination carried out by the Zionist enemy.” A “military factory” was also targeted with guided missiles.

In several claims, the militant organization backed by Iran claimed responsibility for over ten further attacks on Israeli troops and locations on Wednesday, one of which involved the use of drones.

According to the Israeli army, three consecutive barrages from Lebanon resulted in the firing of over 150 “projectiles.”

According to the report, “about ninety projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon.” Some of them were intercepted, while some of them struck inside Israel and caused fires in some areas of the north.

The military stated the army responded by striking multiple locations in south Lebanon. The first barrage was followed by a second of roughly 70 rounds and a third of about 10.

“Critical” commander

According to the military, “Israel Fire and Rescue Services are currently operating to put out the fires that broke out as a result of the launches.”

According to Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency medical service, no casualties have been reported as of yet.

On Wednesday, the Israeli army declared that it had, the previous day, “eliminated” Taleb Sami Abdallah in an attack on a Hezbollah command center in southern Lebanon.

According to a statement, Abdallah “planned, advanced, and carried out a large number of terror attacks against Israeli civilians” and was referred to as “one of Hezbollah’s most senior commanders in southern Lebanon.”

Three Hezbollah allies and Abdallah perished in an Israeli hit in Jouaiyya, which is located nine miles (15 kilometers) from the border.

The commander was described as “the most important in Hezbollah to be killed… since the start of the war” by a military source in Lebanon.

The group had called Abdallah “one of the knights of the resistance” and invited its followers to the southern suburbs of Beirut for his funeral.

A brass band performed during the event as men dressed in military fatigues and black berets carried his casket shrouded in the yellow flag of Hezbollah.

“Savage blow”

Al-Akhbar, a pro-Hezbollah publication, called the attack that killed Abdallah “a harsh blow” to the organization.

Amal Saad, a Middle East expert living in Britain, downplayed the possibility of a more widespread escalation.

The highest-ranking commander’s passing, she said, “I don’t think that’s going to change any of Hezbollah’s calculations,” adding that civilian deaths were “red lines” for the organization rather than targets for fighters or leaders.

“In order to put pressure on Israel and the US in the ceasefire talks and boost Hamas’s bargaining position, we witnessed an upsurge in quality and quantity of (Hezbollah) attacks,” Saad said.

Hezbollah claimed to have fired over fifty rockets into Israeli forces in the Golan Heights on Tuesday.

According to an AFP count, over eight months of cross-border warfare had claimed the lives of at least 468 individuals in Lebanon, the majority of them were fighters but also included 89 civilians.

At least fifteen Israeli soldiers and eleven civilians have died, according to Israeli authorities.

Since the violence broke out the day after Hamas attacked southern Israel, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been forced to flee to both sides of the border.

1,194 persons in Israel lost their lives as a result of the October 7 attack, the majority of whom were civilians, according to an AFP count based on official Israeli numbers.

The health ministry of the Hamas-run enclave reports that at least 37,202 individuals have died in Gaza as a result of Israel’s retaliatory attack against Hamas, the majority of them were civilians.

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