Google ends the feature that allowed for limitless scrolling.


Google ends the feature that allowed for limitless scrolling.

Google has shown the new Gemini side panel for Drive, Slides, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail.

For desktop users, Google is apparently abandoning its endless scrolling functionality in favor of a traditional pagination bar that allows users to get to a specific page of search results by only clicking “Next.”

Google ends the feature

October 2021 saw the release of the endless scrolling feature for mobile devices, and in 2022 it was expanded to desktop search results as well.

But as The Verge noted, a Search Engine Land article indicates that the endless scrolling is now finished.

According to Google, “this change is to allow the search company to serve the search results faster on more searches instead of automatically loading results that users haven’t explicitly requested.”

It is anticipated that this action will improve the user experience by more effectively and efficiently delivering search results.

Google has also revealed that it is enhancing Gmail with new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in an effort to improve user experience and simplify the program.

The IT company is introducing the Gemini side panel, a tool for creating new emails and summarizing email chains. Google reports that the online tool will let users ask “freeform questions” and also offer “proactive prompts.”

Only premium subscribers will have access to the Gemini side panel in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive.

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