What to expect from Biden and Trump’s first presidential debate


What to expect from Biden and Trump’s first presidential debate

The US president and the Republican candidate will square off in the first presidential debate of the US election.

On Thursday night in Atlanta, the first presidential debate for the 2024 US general election between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is slated to take place.

What to expect from Biden and Trump's first presidential debate

With less than five months before Election Day on November 5, this marks the start of a new chapter in the presidential campaign as the two candidates’ intense battle continues. Notably, a discussion between the two candidates will take place following a four-year break, as reported by NPR.

Conventional campaigning is broken as the debate is being held months ahead of schedule and under new guidelines that both candidates have agreed upon. No live audience is another one of these rules.

Additionally, neither candidate has participated in a debate before this one this campaign season. Although Biden faced little opposition, Trump made a point of avoiding the GOP primary contests.

When should I tune in to the debate?
The 90-minute discussion is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET. The debate will be moderated by CNN‘s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash at the network’s Atlanta studios.

Presidential debates usually take place in front of a live audience, usually in an event space on a college or university campus. The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) then oversees their coordination.

What kind of argument can one expect?
Speakers on current events in their respective legal dramas are anticipated. It’s interesting that the discussion is taking place around a month after Trump was found guilty in New York of 34 crimes.

However, it is also followed by the mid-June conviction of Hunter, Biden’s son, on felony gun charges in Delaware. In September, he will stand trial again at the federal level for not filing his taxes.

One of Biden’s tactics for the next showdown will be to criticize the Republican opponent’s character and legal issues, according to Mitch Landrieu, the president’s co-chair for the campaign.

Concurrently, the Republican has eschewed customary debate preparations. Instead, he has been meeting with US lawmakers and advisors on a number of occasions in recent weeks.

Regarding Trump’s debate approach, Republican Senator JD Vance stated, “He is thinking about how to translate these really, really important topics into a message that works,” during an earlier this week interview with Fox News.

Biden is also anticipated to address questions about his age and potential for a second term in office. At 81 years old, he is the oldest incumbent president in US history. If reelected, he would leave office at the age of 86.

The 78-year-old president has continuously criticized Biden’s mental capacity as the vice president has made mistakes in public throughout his first term. Most recently, the Republican contender suggested that he ought to undergo a cognitive assessment. In that same speech, Trump misidentified the physician who performed his own cognitive evaluation while in office.

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