Tesla is being sued by a Swedish metalworkers’ union for financial disclosure.


Tesla is being sued by a Swedish metalworkers’ union for financial disclosure.

The Swedish Metal Workers’ Union, which is at odds with Tesla over a collective bargaining agreement, announced on Tuesday that it would be suing the automaker for failing to reveal its financial situation.

Vice-president of IF Metall Tomas With told AFP that the required paperwork was prepared and would be submitted to the court by the end of next week, at the latest.

The union claims that Swedish legislation requires businesses to notify unions on a regular basis about their financial status.

According to the union, Swedish law dictates that companies need to keep unions regularly informed about their financial situation. Employers who have not signed a collective agreement – which is the case for the American giant – must still inform the unions who have members working for them

Companies who do not have a collective agreement in place, like the American behemoth, are nevertheless required to notify the unions that represent its employees.

About 130 mechanics from ten Tesla service shops spread across seven cities went on strike in late October in protest of Tesla’s unwillingness to sign a collective wage agreement, which prompted IF Metall to declare war on the company.

The strike was then expanded by IF Metall to cover work on Teslas at additional repair facilities that catered to numerous brands.

Since then, the walkout has expanded into a bigger dispute between Tesla and almost a dozen unions fighting to preserve Sweden’s labor laws, involving dock workers, postal workers, and even workers in neighboring Nordic nations.
To learn more about Tesla’s financial situation, IF Metall has been setting up talks with the Swedish repair businesses since March.

“Management has usually emphasized the need to generate savings in recent months. “Will they cut back on employees or not?” with a query.

The majority of the workshops gave this information; but, one, located in Uppsala, north of Stockholm, declined, claiming that doing so would violate IF Metall.

The Nordic labor market model is based on collective agreements with unions that are negotiated sector by sector.

Ensuring wages and favorable working conditions, they serve about 90% of all workers in Sweden and 80% of workers in Denmark.

Even though a large portion of Tesla’s workforce in Sweden is unionized, Tesla must agree to the collective bargaining agreements before its workers may take advantage of them.


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