Paris Hilton disclosed horrifying abuse,In her testimony before Congress.


Paris Hilton disclosed horrifying abuse,In her testimony before Congress.

Her testimony, which was based on personal suffering, was mostly concerned with her attendance at Provo Canyon School.

Paris Hilton, the well-known reality star who is now an activist, spoke before Congress in a moving way, bringing attention to the depressing conditions vulnerable young people in treatment facilities around the country suffer.

Paris Hilton disclosed horrifying abuse,In her testimony before Congress.

Paris Hilton, a strong supporter of changes to the child welfare system, talked of her own horrific experiences as a teenager, including abuse and neglect.

Hilton gave a powerful speech to lawmakers in which she detailed the “inhumane treatment” she received, which included being forced to take medication and being sexually abused by staff members at several juvenile facilities.

Born out of personal suffering, her testimony centered largely on her experiences attending Provo Canyon School, a school infamous for accusations of systematic abuse that she described in great detail in her memoir Paris, published in 2023.

“At 16 years old, I was forcibly taken from my home and subjected to unimaginable horrors,” Hilton recalled. “These facilities, instead of providing support, stripped away my voice, my freedom, and my dignity.”

She blasted the $23 billion child treatment business for putting profit before the welfare of its residents, and her passionate plea highlighted the critical need for reform within this sector. Hilton’s testimony brought to light the larger systemic problems that these facilities face, where fragile adolescents are frequently subjected to physical constraints, seclusion, and inadequate treatment.

Hilton addressed Congress personally, saying, “These innocent children, who have already suffered profound trauma, deserve protection and compassion, not further exploitation.” She brought attention to the predicament of foster and adoptive children, who, like her, frequently have no family support and are left to rely on these organizations.

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