Imran wants Pakistan’s army chief to apologise for ‘illegal abduction’ and ‘London Plan’.


Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister who has been in jail since August in several offenses, requested Army Chief General Asim Munir to apologise to him on Tuesday for his “illegal” abduction and support for the ‘London Plan’, and pledged not to make a compromise with the powerful military.

“On the morning of May 9, 2023, my illegal abduction from the High Court was part of the London Plan (to topple the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government and impose a hybrid system led by the Sharif family on the country), for which General Asim Munir should apologise to me,” Khan stated on X.


It is thought that his family manages his social media accounts.

Criticizing Gen Munir, Khan stated: “It is the tragedy of this country that a self-proclaimed King (Gen Munir) has assumed control of every decision-making. I’m currently in prison because if I’m released, it will call into question that one person’s authority.”

Khan claimed that the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the military’s media wing, and the Chief of Army Staff are making threatening political remarks and immersing the army in politics, ruining the army’s image.

The powerful Army, which has ruled the coup-prone country for more than half of its 75-year history, has traditionally exercised significant clout in matters of security and foreign affairs.

Last week, ISPR DG Maj-Gen Ahmed Sharif stated that any engagement with the PTI could only take place if it “earnestly apologises publicly in front of the nation, promises to adopt constructive politics, and foregoes anarchistic politics.”

Khan stated that when political remarks or news conferences are made, political parties have the freedom to respond.

“When people are given power without a democratic mandate, the country devolves into chaos and corruption. The anarchy that exists in (Pakistan-occupied) Kashmir today is likely to extend throughout Pakistan. Form 47 (fake result) non-democratic governments have been established throughout the country.

“When a government is democratically chosen, it receives popular support. People cherish their elected government, and any issues that arise are dealt via conversation,” he added, adding that people do not trust the imposed administrations in Gilgit-Baltistan, PoK, Punjab, and Pakistan, which is why there is widespread dissatisfaction and anger.

He predicted that when the budget is presented, Form 47 governments will face even more backlash.

He went on to say that the country’s citizens had been subjected to an artificial system. “This government possesses absolutely no authority. An unlawful entity, such as the Special Investment Facilitation Council (an army initiative), has been imposed on Pakistan, and no one dares to oppose it. It was founded only for the aim of attracting investments, but the Pakistan Business Council has openly acknowledged that investors are withdrawing their assets rather than investing in the country. “On the one hand, the nation was misled with the false hopes of the agricultural revolution and on the other hand, wheat importation to embezzle billions of rupees, has devastated the wheat farmer economically,” he stated.

Khan claimed that in this fake system, the government is provided to individuals who have all of their riches outside in the form of dollars. “A leader must make sacrifices, and this combination of Nawaz and Zardari will not sacrifice under any circumstances, nor will they return their money to the country. General Musharraf and later ISI provided information to everyone, including me, about their looted money, and today they have been imposed on us, and their corruption charges have been dropped. The objective of imposing this bogus system on the nation is merely to boost the power of this one man (Gen Munir), who has damaged the entire country for his own power,” he stated and promised not to make deal with the millitary.

“This is my nation, and I will not leave it. Furthermore, any transaction is out of the question. Pakistan is run dictatorially. Our overall revenue is 13.9 trillion rupees, with an annual interest payment of 9.8 trillion rupees. “The country cannot progress with such punitive use of coercive measures,” Khan stated.

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