Fear as a Korean Air airplane plummets 27,000 feet in a matter of minutes


Fear as a Korean Air airplane plummets 27,000 feet in a matter of minutes

After the aircraft lost altitude, a Korean Air flight was forced to execute a U-turn and an emergency landing.

Within minutes, the Korean Air plane that was flying from Incheon International Airport in South Korea to Taichung International Airport in Taiwan had to make an emergency landing and perform a U-turn after losing altitude by almost 27,000 feet, according to the Independent.

Korean Air airplane plummets

The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft began decreasing altitude about 50 minutes into the flight, going from 35,000 feet to about 8,000 feet in less than 15 minutes.

As a result, 17 passengers were admitted to the hospital with minor wounds. The passengers experienced eardrum pain, according to the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

The plane’s interior began to emit oxygen markers as a result of the abrupt dive. Social media users have started sharing images and videos from inside the aircraft, showing passengers wearing breathing masks and babies sobbing.

According to sources, during the plane’s flight over Jeju Island, a pressurization defect was found.

The following morning, the passengers were flown to Taiwan on an alternative plane.

According to a representative for Korean Air, the airline is looking into the pressurization system malfunction and will take care of any maintenance problems before bringing the aircraft back into operation.

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