After taking office, Donald Trump offers to save Hunter Biden.


After taking office, Donald Trump offers to save Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden’s son was found guilty on three counts, one of which was using a firearm while addicted.

Former United States president Donald Trump, replied to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s criminal trial, vowing that he will save him after becoming the head of state.

According to Live Mint, the Republican candidate claimed that “Hunter Biden is a terrible person who has funnelled millions of dollars from other countries to his father” in a post headlined “Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America” on his social media site.

 Donald Trump offers to save Hunter Biden

“However, it is difficult to hold him accountable for his desire for a gun, as he is granted the right to possess one by the 2nd Amendment. If we’re being completely honest, this Amendment is probably the best one of them.”

Never one to pass up an opportunity to undermine the Democratic candidate running against him, Trump declared, “His father, one of our worst presidents, won’t have the courage to step in here and help Hunter because he’s more concerned with making the gun control people happy.”

Trump, a convicted felon himself, promised to assist Hunter at the end of the article, adding, “Don’t worry, Joe— I will save your son after I get elected for the third time!”

Hunter has been found guilty of three charges including harnessing a gun while in addiction and lying about it.

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