A historic move following Princess Anne’s sad occurrence, King Charles and Queen Camilla


 A historic move following Princess Anne’s sad occurrence, by King Charles and Queen Camilla

Jersey has proclaimed July 15 to be a public holiday.

While Princess Anne recovers from an awful incident that happened on Sunday, King Charles and Queen Camilla are making history.

For King Charles’s impending visit, a public holiday has been announced in honor of the “rare and historic” gesture.

Monday, July 15, has been proclaimed a public holiday in the State of Jersey so that residents can enjoy King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s visit.

It was described by Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham as a “rare and historic” occasion.

The minister went on to say that paying personnel to compensate for civil servants who took the day off would cost taxpayers around £700,000.

Since the visit of the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2005, this will be the first time a reigning monarch has been to the island.

According to Deputy David Warr, small firms may incur costs as a result of having to pay their employees’ salary.

“We place a significant, additional, unbudgeted cost burden on our local businesses when we ask them to close down for a day beyond those already designated as bank holidays, with virtually no ability to plan,” he stated.

“I’ve been approached by many local businesses, who feel that this Assembly is simply not listening to them.”

Guernsey’s July 16 visit by King Charles and Queen Camilla has also been designated as a public holiday.

The football competition final for Euro 2024 will take place on the long weekend.

The King is scheduled to give the King’s Speech on July 17 as part of the State Opening of Parliament after the General Election on July 4—the day after his return from the English Channel islands.

Only five months have passed since the King’s cancer diagnosis in February, when the trip took place.

In the Channel Islands, the name “Duke of Normandy” is an amorphous historical holdover from the Crown’s rule over the now-extinct Duchy of Normandy, of which the islands were a part and which now exists as a kind of rump state. This custom applies to all British monarchs, male or female.

At her Gloucestershire estate on Sunday, Princess Anne suffered a concussion along with minor injuries.

In a statement issued on June 24, Buckingham Palace also confirmed the event: “The Princess Royal has suffered minor injuries and a concussion as a result of an incident that occurred on the Gatcombe Park estate last evening. Her Royal Highness is anticipated to heal fully and quickly and is being observed in Southmead Hospital in Bristol as a precaution.”

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